About Raw Trader

As someone who has been gluten intolerant for the last 20 years I have always struggled to find treats that aren’t full of refined sugars, bad fats and empty calories.

— Emily Samyue

As a result of my desire to encourage cleaner eating by way of consuming more wholefoods I decided to create Raw Trader. This business is my way of trying to positively impact the community by providing deliciously nourishing and healthier sweet treats.

My vision is to provide people suffering intolerances, allergies or those who have chosen a particular lifestyle (vegan, paleo, etc) as well as those seeking something new and exciting; a place where they are able to find decadence without the guilt!

Who are we?

Raw Trader is a business specialising in ALL organic, raw, vegan, vegetarian, , gluten free, dairy free and refine sugar free healthy desserts and treats. A variety of our treats are also paleo and low FODMAP friendly.

At Raw Trader we are all about the decadence without the guilt! We aim to provide our customers with deliciously nutritious tasty food. All of our products (including our nut milks) are hand-made with the utmost love and care using only the best organic ingredients.

At our retail outlet, we also compliment our sweet treats with the finest organic coffee, tea and hot chocolate. For those requiring a little extra boost we also have a selection of home-made organic whole fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies available.

Our impact

At Raw Trader we are conscious about our impact on the environment and as such we choose to use packaging that can either be reused or recycled. All of our recyclable packaging is either biodegradable and/or compostable.

We look forward to seeing you soon.